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Mini HOLO SHOW Screen

Mini Holo Show Screen A desktop, transparent, projection screen that makes it easy to create a HOLO SHOW.


Perfect for DJs and producers looking to showcase innovation, and amaze guests in the club space or on the patio. The sensory pleasure of viewing the HOLO SHOW complements and elevates the music to all new levels.



Mini Holo Show in a DJ set – benefits:


  • Adds new unique details to the atmosphere of the Event.

  • Increases the promotion of the DJ and the venue by attracting the attention of guests to create spectacular and viral video content to be posted on social media by guests at the Event.

  • DJ with Mini Holo Show in social networks always in close-up.

  • The floating 3D text, event or venue logo, spectacularly represents the Event on the Holo screen.

  • Attracts the attention of the clients with promotional materials of DJs, venues, and Events.

  • Increases the status of the Event and the Bill level.

  • Perfect for DJ set Live Streams.

  • For creativity and inspiration between performances, the screen can be conveniently used as an additional monitor on the desktop while working on content creation with Resolume, Touchdesigner, Ableton, etc.

  • Opens the door to the future of the industry. Ability to add Holoportation performance to the DJ set Events – displaying a live stream with an artist from another continent.

The Democratization of the HOLO SHOW

Key Features

  • Easy to install, easy to use

  • Completely frameless and transparent screen in the concept of floating in the air

  • 16×9 is the standard format for content. This is not a round holographic fan.

  • Easy change of position from Horizontal to Portrait.

  • The rear projection pointing upwards does not shine in the eyes.

  • The minimum occupied volume of the projection system is not more than 1 sq. m.

  • A universal mount for connecting any portable projector from most on the market.

  • Rugged, powder-coated steel construction with a table mount.

  • Dual adjustable system brackets – find the perfect height and position for you.

  • Two side curves on the screen, like on premium smartphones / Infinity Display.

  • Any art content with a predominantly black background looks great.

  • Works great even with the lowest power light output of portable projectors / 100+ Lm.

  • Smoke adds extra impact to the screen and volume to the content by illuminating the projector beams.

  • The screen is lightweight and portable for artists on the road!

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  • The screen diagonal is 29 inches (400 mm x 660 mm). 

  • The viewing angle is 160. 

  • The best color reproduction and balance between colors is provided by the use of a gray tint. Gray makes colors look natural and warm and optimizes color balance.

  • The screen material is projection-optical acrylic, with a thickness of 3 mm.

  • The material of the screen and projector mounts is metal.

  • The height of the clamp is 650 mm.

  • Color black

  • Weight 3,5 kg


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